GENERAL DESCRIPTION: This position has primary responsibility for developing and implementing the agency s website and social media strategy. Performs highly advanced informational and educational work. Work involves coordinating and implementing both agency website and social media posts and content, including researching, writing and editing website and social media posts. Serves as the agency s primary graphics artist and design director. Works under minimal supervision, with considerable latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment. Telecommuting on a regular basis is an option. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS (Duties and Responsibilities): Manages agency s website and social media accounts and presence, including creating and cultivating content. Ensures content is well written, appropriate for the audience, and culturally sensitive. 40 percent Coordinates and produces graphics and design work for use in a variety of agency communications. Responsible for layout and design work for use in a variety of agency communications. Responsible for creation of the agency s style guide. 25 percent Develops and implements a strategy to build an audience for the agency s social media accounts. Monitors trends in social media tools, applications, channels, design, and strategy. Monitors effective benchmark (best practices) for measuring the impact of social media campaigns. Analyzes, reviews, and reports on effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to maximize results. 10 percent Serves as the agency s Information Resource Manager. 10 percent Coordinates with external entities to maintain and update the agency website. 10 percent Assists agency staff with webpage, social media, and other miscellaneous information technology tasks. 5 percent PHYSICAL DEMANDS/WORKING CONDITIONS: This job function requires frequent computer usage and advanced written and oral communication. Job functions are performed by sitting with minimal ambulatory requirements. Job requires the ability to learn, remember, and integrate complex rules, policies, and practices. Job requires the ability to communicate verbally with customers to gather information and explain policies and procedures; marginal (or corrected) visual requirements; marginal (or corrected) auditory requirements; with minimal travel. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: Updates agency s website and social media policy. Develops, oversees, and implements processes for review of agency website and social media content to ensure that it is accurate and appropriate before posting in accordance with the agency s website and social media policy. Posts a minimum of two items on the agency s social media accounts every week. Adds new content to the agency s website every month. Ensures agency website content is up to date and accurate. Ensures graphic projects are completed by deadlines set in coordination with supervisor and the Public Counsel. JOB SPECIFICATIONS: Education/Experience Required: Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with bachelor s degree relative to assignment. Additionally, this position requires two years of experience in a field related to the assignment. Education and experience relevant to the position requirements may be substituted for one another on a year-for-year basis. Registration, License, or Certification Required: None Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: This position requires demonstrated knowledge of Trends and best practices in webpages and social media. Traditional and new media graphics methods, techniques, design principles, and printing processes. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and common style guides. Effective communications strategies. Project management methodologies This position requires demonstrated skill in Effective writing for webpages and social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook. Use of graphic design software and multimedia packages.