Tarrant County Government SYNDROMIC SURVEILLANCE COORDINATOR (Project Position), Public Health in Tarrant County, Texas

The Syndromic Surveillance Public Health Coordinator is a key public health role that works across multiple internal and external partners to administer and maintain the North Texas Syndromic Surveillance program.

The Coordinator serves as a liaison between federal and state program officials as well as between over 100 hospital facility data providers and IT staff to maintain syndromic surveillance reporting in compliance with federal meaningful use reporting criteria for data quality, timeliness, and completeness.

In this role, the Syndromic Surveillance Coordinator will be instrumental in sustaining Tarrant County Public Health's (TCPH) goal of the use of regional population health surveillance data to identify public health problem areas and allocate resources where the most benefit may be achieved by the population TCPH aims to serve.

The Syndromic Surveillance Coordinator will be primarily responsible for providing oversight and administration of the Tarrant County Public Health (TCPH) disease outbreak surveillance systems including ESSENCE and NSSP/ESSENCE BioSense while working with senior-level healthcare personnel, public health epidemiologists and disease investigators, hospital infection preventionists and meaningful use coordinators or directors, state and local health department personnel within Texas health service regions 2 and 3, and information technology (IT) personnel.

Will also collaborate with outside entities such as universities and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) program personnel as it pertains to the administration of the above systems.

While such interaction has been focused primarily on notifiable and reportable diseases in the past, this work will be integral to enable TCPH to more fully accommodate its ability to share unique analysis, visualization, and reporting for population-based public health interventions for disease prevention, which offers tremendous potential to improve the health of individuals in the County and surrounding regions.

Grant funded.

Posting may close at any time.

**Project employees are awarded full benefits with the exception of retirement benefits. These employees may be employed for a period of more than one (1) year, but not more than two (2) years without Commissioners Court approval.__

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Oversees and coordinates all aspects of public health administration of syndromic surveillance systems of the Texas region 2 and 3 ESSENCE syndromic surveillance system and the CDC's NSSP ESSENCE/BioSense system.
  2. Coordinates and communicates with state, local, and federal health department users as well as healthcare facility users on upgrade and migration plans for TCPH's syndromic surveillance systems as well as changes and updates to the CDC NSSP/ESSENCE system.
  3. Coordinates between Tarrant County IT Department (TCITD) and regional healthcare facilities to ensure meaningful use requirements are met for onboarding and sustained reporting.
  4. Understands and translates use-cases from epidemiology users and hospital infection preventionists into ESSENCE functional requirements. Coordinates appropriate ESSENCE technical support and training.
  5. Coordinates initiation of new or modified data use agreements (DUAs) with healthcare facilities, CDC, other public health or healthcare users, and Texas Dept. of State Health Services for transmitting or receiving syndromic surveillance data between public health agencies.
  6. Coordinates with TCPH Informatics data quality manager and healthcare facility data managers to ensure continuous data quality improvement for timeliness, completeness, and validity is achieved for reporting facilities.
  7. Provides documentation to reporting healthcare facilities certifying appropriate levels of active engagement for meaningful use attestation purposes.
  8. Administers Access & Management Center (AMC) for CDC NSSP/ESSENCE BioSense application providing regional user accounts. Constructs and administers data access rules via the AMC consistent with sharing permissions specified in TCPH DUAs.
  9. Coordinates project initiation between TCITD and existing or new healthcare facility data sources (e.g. hospital ER, standalone ER, urgent care clinic, inpatient facility) reporting syndromic surveillance to TCPH.
  10. Performs all other related duties as required.

Minimum Requirements:


TO APPLY, must have a *Bachelor's degree or higher. *Master's degree preferred in Public Health, Information Systems, Business Management, Healthcare Administration, or other systems disciplines.

TO APPLY, must have One (1) year full-time work experience in a healthcare or public health setting.

Full-time experience in syndromic surveillance or other types of healthcare systems administration highly desirable.

Project management experience desirable with a focus on managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Experience running reports, analyzing results and communicating information to relevant stakeholders.

Ability to work independently and complete projects on time.

Preferred exposure or knowledge of HIPAA and meaningful use reporting requirements.

Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing.

If hired, must provide proof of educational attainment

at New Hire Processing or during the promotional process.

*Tarrant County will conduct background checks on new hires that will include a criminal background check related to convictions and deferred adjudications in the past seven years and may include credit reports, motor vehicle records, employment records and educational attainment. A conviction or deferred adjudication is not an automatic bar to employment. Each case is considered individually. *

Physical Demands and Work Environment & Other Requirements:

While performing the duties of this position, the incumbent is regularly required to bend, carry, climb stairs, grasp/squeeze, use hand tools, hear, keyboard, kneel, lift below the waist, lift between waist and shoulder, lift overhead, lift to the side/twist, tolerate noise, pull, push, reach, reach overhead, perform repetitive tasks, see color, see far and near, sit, squat, stand, stoop, talk, use his/her hands, drive a vehicle, walk, work alone and with others, and work overtime.

Job Title: SYNDROMIC SURVEILLANCE COORDINATOR (Project Position), Public Health

Closing Date/Time: Sat. 05/05/18 11:59 PM Central Time

Salary: $2,173.70 - $2,391.07 Biweekly $56,516.20 - $62,167.82 Annually

Job Type: Regular Full-time

Location: Tarrant County, Texas